Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Film cast meme

Okay, assorted people have been casting their friends in the film of their choice.

I thought I'd do this with the The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

redbrown as Arthur (Is there any tea on this spaceship?)
drplokta as Ford (I am now a perfectly safe penguin.)
coxtrill as Trillian (Something I learnt going round Hyde Park Corner on a moped.)
lproven and gummitch as Zaphod (Several million points out of ten for style.)
scarlatti as Marvin (I think you ought to know ...)

sbisson as the voice of The Book ("Space", it says, "is big. Really big.")

cardboardnewman as Mr Prosser (The plans have been available for the last nine months.)
rwgray as the Barman (Lucky escape for Arsenal if it did.)
wag_9393 as the Vogon Captain (I'm going to throw you off the ship anyway.)
ajshepherd as the Vogon Guard (Resistance is useless!)
whotheheckami as a Dentrassi (The best cooks, and the best drinks-mixers)
alexmc as Eddie the Shipboard Computer (... Or we could play Halma?)
dougs as Slartibartfast (It scares the willies out of me.)
the_magician as Benjy Mouse (Hi.)
pickledginger as Franky Mouse (Nice to meet you.)
missfairchild as Shooty (It isn't easy being a cop!)
green_amber as Bang-Bang (We are firmly opposed to needless violence.)
flick as Eccentrica (Described by Zaphod as ...)
peteyoung as Garkbit the Waiter (If you would care to order drinks?)
lushattic as Hotblack Desiato (He's spending a year dead for tax reasons)
tobesv as Max Quordlepleen. (Who's this? I don't believe it!)
supergee as The Great Prophet Zarquon (Er, hello everybody, sorry I'm a bit late ...)

That'll do for the first film.

Much later, perhaps in the third film, I'll need to cast Fenchurch. I'll need to find a musician who lives somewhere with a first-floor balcony, someone who won't mind acting opposite redbrown.

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