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What? Redux

I went to see the Audiologists at Wexham Park Hospital as arranged.

A very nice young lady called me and sat me in a little room with headphones on, giving me a little button to press, attached to a bit of wire.
Another very nice young lady played me little beeps, at various pitches, at various volumes, and in various ears -- sometimes with and sometimes without white noise in the opposite ear. Whenever I heard one of these beeps, I pressed the little button.
A third very nice young lady told me that my hearing is "at the bottom of the normal range" -- I have a hearing loss of about 20dB in each ear, rising to 30dB in one ear in the frequency range most helpful for understanding speech.

They think that artificial help will be more irritating and ineffectual than leaving things as they are. I'm encouraged to come and see them again in three to five years.

So when I'm in the pub and I can't hear what you're saying, or I misinterpret, or I act as if I don't know that you're there, please remember that it's because I'm at the bottom of the normal range. So that's okay, then -- for the second time this week, I've been pronounced normal.

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