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Not a good night last night ...

Last night was not a good night on Chat for scarlatti and me.

I wish this sort of thing didn't happen. There was a miscommunication, someone had hurt feelings, someone else clammed up scared of saying the wrong things, and the session collapsed. The remainder of the evening was pained apologies and awkward, halting fragments of what is normally quite fluid, coupled with long gaps of no communication at all.

Poor communication is the single greatest threat to a relationship, or so it seems to me, and it's one of my biggest terrors. I'm scared witless of getting communication wrong and hurting someone in the process -- I've written about this before.

I hope we do better tonight. I'm very sorry, and I love her very much. I wish I was better at expressing it -- and I wish I was better at reading her signals. And, more than that, I wish we didn't have to rely on this painfully inadequate medium.

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