Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I did at the weekend, part two: Large Event

I arrived in Derby shortly after five, and dumped my stuff at the European Hotel, about a hundred yards from the railway station. I sorted myself out and set off for The Alex, venue for Sproutlore's "Large" event, described here.

I entered the Alex Flying Swan and found assorted Sproutlore regulars therein. The Large was already on sale, and I was persuaded to accept a brimming glass of that noble fluid, a pleasant enough brew. The evening proceeded well and I bumped into more friends than I'm able to name.

At eight of the evening clock, the lauded and esteemed Mr Rankin drew the First Official Pint of Large, an activity accompanied by the taking of many photographs. The measured and reasonable tones of the sober and upright cardboardnewman, who was to have received the long-awaited First Official Pint, cut through the clicks and flashes to describe, in cruel detail, the alleged flaws in Mr Rankin's pumping technique. In dudgeon, the Great Man presented the aforesaid Pint to reverendjim instead, to the dismay of the civil servant and the delight of the thinner fan.

And fifteen scant minutes later, the pub ran out of Large.

There was a Pub Quiz. There were speeches from the brewer, from Mr Rankin, and from jamesb. There was a raffle. There was an auction, during which a certain level-headed serving clarinetist bought something large, black, and of use for display purposes only. At some point I nipped out for chips, and returned for more beer. In fact, there was really quite a lot of beer, I think I ought to make that clear, since after the Large ran dry there was a choice of about eight other real ales. I think I had a good time.

And then I retired back to the hotel for a kip.

There are photos.

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