Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Picocon and the Circus

Picocon entailed the usual sitting around talking in the dealer's room and the bar, and the almost complete ignoring of the program items. I earnt a few points for House Harkonnen by stealing the odd hat and committing random acts of origami, and I talked to many people including a number of LiveJournalists -- including bugshaw, hawkida, swisstone, alexmc, munquie, ang_grrr, ajr, flick, drplokta, gummitch, delc, peteyoung, both fishlifters, redbrown, hddod, random_fan and no doubt many others. There were several, too, with whom I didn't get the opportunity to chat. I left before the film because I had a subsequent engagement.

As recorded in the preceding entry, talodi advised me that there was a spare ticket amongst her crowd for the Cirque du Soleil, so I had another chance at this wonderful evening's entertainment. I wrote about this last week -- this time round it was just as good, and I saw bits of action I'd somehow missed last time round. talodi's party of ten eight included other LiveJournalists, but after a day on the cider at at Picocon I was too confused to take it all in.

Now I'm on my way home and enduring the usual delays at the hands of South West Trains.

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