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Random acts of songwriting

That third stanza is a middle eight. Not a construct that I'm familiar with.

   As I look at my life again,
   See hurdles I have struggled through,
   Why should I have that strife again,
   Take up a burden, muddle through?

   If my life had a peer-review,
   What would my friends, observers say?
   If I stopped and I queried you,
   Then what advice is served today?

I think I know: I'm sure you'd all be saying
"It's worth a go, we all get hurt when playing.
Life is a mess, and hearts are always breaking,
Nevertheless, this is a risk worth taking."

   So I'll take to the fray again,
   I'll love her like I never knew,
   Face each dawning new day again
   Not knowing yet what love can do.

Yes, it still needs work. Stupid song, the lyric ends and leaves you hanging. It needs a final instrumental verse and a fade-out, I think.

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