Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

My thousandth post -- Drabble challenge

Well, I've been running this journal for a little less than two years. Over that time, I've furnished you, my readers, with all sorts of content, in a variety of styles, on a variety of themes. I trust it's been worth reading, at least part of the time. I hope that I've made you smile sometimes, I hope that I've made you think sometimes, I hope that I've made you feel good sometimes. I'm sure that I've made you feel a little uncomfortable on occasion too.

However on this, the occasion of my one thousandth post, I'm going to cheat. I'm going to get my readers to provide the content. I'm confident that my readers are just as able to make people smile, to make people think, to make people feel good. And I don't doubt you can make people uncomfortable too.

I'd like you to write a Drabble about me. One hundred words all about dougs. Include some outrageous facts. And just to make it fun, I'd like you to include an outrageous fact that you know to be false, but which might be difficult for others to spot. Maybe more than one. Or you could make up the whole thing. It's up to you.

_The Rules for writing a Drabble by cardboardnewman
A Drabble must be exactly 100 words long. The author may use up to 15 additional words as the title, but the text must be no more or no less than 100 words.
You can have as many paragraphs and sentences as you like in your Drabble, it is the word count that is important.
A Drabble can be fact but is usually fiction. There have been several books of Drabbles published so it is a well established art form.
Numbers count as words; words with apostrophes shan't be counted as two different words; hyphenated-words-will-be-argued-about.

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