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Sam's birthday

Today is mindygoth's birthday, and last night there was a party at her house. You'll have read snippets posted from the party in the preceding few entries.
There were twenty people there, all LiveJournalists. Seven I'd met before, twelve people new to me, and myself. Many of the attendees were goths, although one or two might claim not to be. Many of the people there consumed quantities of alcohol, although one or two abstained for the purposes of subsequent driving.

There was an instruction to bring "a bottle and nibbles". I phoned beermat earlier, and asked what was meant by "nibbles", and he said (I paraphrase) "bring something odd you'd like to introduce people to". A challenge. Well, I've recently been enjoying myself by working my way through a bottle of balsamic vinegar after my taste for the stuff had been re-awakened during a recent visit to Chez Who, and I happened to find a little pile of strawberries on sale somewhere.

So I took strawberries and balsamic vinegar to this party.

These were received with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Some fell on them with acclaim and enthusiasm. Some sampled them with caution, and then pronounced them good. Some people tried, and there were wrinkled noses, and phrases such as "my mouth hurts" were employed. And some people simply wouldn't touch them. Some people had strawberries and cream.

Well, there was alcohol, as I said earlier. There was philology. There was etymology. There was Christian apologetics. And then there was bed.

In the morning, I helped a little with the clearing up, and then I went out to the car, which promptly fell off its front wheel. And then I got the train home.

It was a good party.

The real purpose of this entry is to let you all know that I've uploaded a small handful of photos.

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