Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Fan Fiction "Pairings" meme

Oh, yes, I write slash. If you don't know what slash is, you probably don't read enough LiveJournals.

loneraven (whom I read regularly, and rocks for a number of reasons) gacked these questions from not_vacillating (who is the only LJ user in Hertfnordshire, and rocks because she thought of saying that).

Favourite Pairing: I think this would have to be Mulcahy/Radar. They each have the same things going for them -- they're both good, solid, kind people, they're both very good at the jobs they do, they're both painfully diffident on occasion, and on occasion both are capable of digging their heels in and pressing for what really matters.

Cross-Gen Pairing: I keep nearly writing Blake/Radar. And I think Arthur/Slartibartfast has possibilities, as does Paul/Baron H.

Old Fogies Pairing: Slartibartfast/Zarquon. They both have that air of confusion.

Opposites Attract Pairing: Burns/Hawkeye. And yes, I have written it, and yes, it was bad-and-wrong.

Slash Pairing: That would be most of them.

Het Pairing: PWP/Pure Porn excuded, the only het fiction I've done in the last five years or so has been magician/assistant fiction, notably the Erotic Magic Club series I wrote for the now-defunct Shecky's archive. I'm told it's very good. Some of it is still out there if you cross your fingers and google for it.

Kink Pairing: Most of the Erotic Magic Club stories were seriously kinky, with plenty of both D/s and bondage. In terms of slash, I think the nearest I got was Winchester tied up by Hawkeye.

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