Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

An informal evening

Last night, I stayed at Chez Who, where whotheheckami and his gang did their best to distract me from the troubles of my current situation for a few hours. They succeeded. There was chilli, there was a substantial choice of alcohol, a range of other offerings, and an abundance of hugs and other associated activities.
Besides Mr Who, there were in attendance the_mendicant, their two sons A and E, gardenpixie, robinbloke, daemongirl, talodi, dotty, hawkida, tobesv, freddietrumper and Jo-WINOLJ. purrthecat turned up the following morning.

The evening started well, with the_mendicant boasting about some recent acquisitions, one pink and one purple. They were demonstrated, to much acclaim. Fans of superfluous technology marveled at the many different capabilities and settings and buttons available to users of the pink unit, and engineers delighted in the elegant simpicity and compact portability of the purple unit. Both were fine examples of their type.

The second event of the evening might well be characterised as pink and purple. talodi had sustained a bruise earlier, in a location usually concealed by trousers. the_mendicant borrowed my camera, and the two disappeared to another room in order to secure photographic evidence. I assisted talodi in connecting my camera to the Chez Who computer network, and the picture appeared on her LJ for the delectation of the masses.

There was food, there was drink. There was more drink. There were fun and games, one of which was particularly welcome and proved an ideal temporary distraction from my current frustrating situation and state of mind. If anyone who was there has photos of my part in this game, I'd be pleased if they could email me a copy.

The evening gently wound down, as these things tend to, and people retired to bed one by one, or two by two. I found myself in a sleeping bag on the floor of the lounge at about 2am, and I slept through to about 8.

There were bacon sandwiches emerging from a production line in the kitchen, which proved very welcome. Someone produced a jar of chocolate spread. There was coffee and orange juice. I think someone opened the calvados too.

And then we retired to the living room for further hugs and talk. We had a Glenn Miller CD on (happy 100th birthday tomorrow) and then the PotC DVD. No, the other PotC. I misquoted the Gospel of John, saying "The Darkness moved across the face of the Depp" and gave whotheheckami a new plot-bunny.

And then I left to come home. A good one. I want to go there again.

Photos here.

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