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News of the car, part III

Following part I, in which they told me that a spring had broken, and part II, in which they told me that they also needed some other obscure piece of front suspension, they called me the following day to tell me that when the car had fallen off its wheel, it had dented its wing, and so that too needed to be replaced. This was going to take a couple of days.
This meant that any driving around I've done in the last week, I've done in a nasty little tin box on wheels, and if I drive any distance -- say from Bracknell to Whissendine, for example -- I climb out of the car at the other end all crippled.

Well, today I got my own car back. Rejoice with me.

And one other thing. The last day on which I didn't post to LJ was January 19th. So that means that, if I get this post in before midnight, that will make 42 consecutive days on which I've posted, my longest continuous run to date and a fannishly significant number, so there.

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