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LJ Ancestry

Seen in various places.

Live Journal Ancestry: Who made you get a LiveJournal? Post that person's LJ, and if this meme spreads, see, you'll eventually be able to click click click and see who your LJ grandfather, great grandmother, great great grandthing, etc, etc, is all the way back to the pioneer days.

I was drawn into the cult of LiveJournal through the medium of interpretative dance, as practiced by such people as hawkida, ang_grrr and swisstone, who are known to me through science fiction fandom. "Codes" were in use at the time, a sort of digital token which gave the holder permission to create a new LJ userid, and I'm fairly certain that my code came from hawkida.

While my account was created on May 9th 2002, my first post, a poem, didn't appear until June 7th and was prompted by flick, who had previously posted the same poem to anonymousclaire. My first post to a community, another poem, was a sort of response to that. It was adela_terrell who left the first comment in my journal, which shortly afterwards became the first comment to which I replied.

So hawkida granted me entry, but flick actually made me post.

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