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What I did this weekend

The weekend started on Friday evening with a night in the pub with some good friends. I got home quite late and went to bed, but I stayed awake because I was awaiting a phone call.

Greg phoned with some bad news at about 2am (9pm over there), and as a result I got very little sleep.

On Saturday I meeped about the house for a while, at a bit of a loss. I exchanged a few text messages with whotheheckami and then set out to the London Film and Comic Con in Wembley. On my arrival I was fielded and looked after by jamesb, wandering around I bumped into a couple of other people, and then whotheheckami bumped into me. We wandered around the dealer's room for a while, we went in to Hall Two where he was assisting at the signings, and he introduced me to some of the other Convention volunteers. We met Stef, Elvis (that's our Elvis, not that one), Alan, the delightful Debbie, the toothsome Megan and others (all NOLJ afaik). And then we went to the staff gathering in the Hotel bar that evening.

We had dinner, we had drinks, and we talked late into the night, very late. He listened, patiently, while I tried to sort out the mess inside my head. He held me as I cried. He gave the conversation occasional nudges in the right direction when it needed them.

And then, this morning, he helped me safely home, and he listened some more.

He's a top bloke. He really helped me this weekend -- a weekend which could have been impossibly difficult for me -- and I'm very grateful.

<table> So I'm very grateful for all of my friends, but in particular this weekend to whotheheckami.
Oh, one more thing. While I made us both lunch, he cleaned the kitchen. A job that was overdue, because it's one of my least favourite things to do. And in honour of my sparkly clean kitchen, I undertook to make him a new userpic, for use when he posts about the things that he's been doing about his own house.



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