Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Email from Greg about scarlatti

Greg sent this at about 1:20 am their time, which is 6:20 over here.


I saw Susan tonight.
She is out of ICU and is in a step down room. She asked about you. It is my understanding that her doctor explained things to her. She is hoping that the cemo does not make her sick.

She told me that she asked her mom to call you. I told her that when I visit on Monday I will bring paper and pen. She will tell me word for word what to include in a email to you.

She looked better. More color in her face. She still has not had a meal. She also still hurts but, if she lays real still the pain goes away.

I going to write down your poem and read it to her. Thats it for now. I will check my email before I go and if you send something back I will include it for my Monday visit.

I plan on leaving the house to go to the hospital at 7pm my time. I think that is midnight your time. Plenty of time for you to answer my email.



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