Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Phone call from scarlatti

She's doing okay.
She was taken out of bed and walked a few feet (there and back, nothing exciting), which was progress.
She was allowed to eat a little crushed ice.
They're playing with anticoagulants, and they've fitted a filter in one of her veins (she didn't know which -- inferior vena cava?) to catch stray clots. I haven't seen that technique before.
She told me that Greg had read her that poem, but she wanted me to read it to her too. I did so, and I explained some of the back story.
I told her more about what I'd done over the weekend.
And there was a lot of other talk. Apparently we love each other very much.

Pathology results tomorrow.

The original announcement of the results of her surgery, posted at 2am on Saturday morning, has now drawn 50 comments, which is more than I've had on any other post. Not the sort of record one can rejoice in, exactly -- but I'm very grateful for the many good wishes we're both receiving from you lot.

And now, because I had about four hours of sleep last night and I've spent the day falling asleep at my keyboard, I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

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