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South-West Trains, thy name is mud.

Tonight I'm going to go to see sparktastic to sort out her broadband.

Latest train running information: Train services between Staines and Reading via Ascot are being disrupted due to a train failure in the Egham area. Short notice alterations, cancellations and delays of up to 50 minutes can be expected.

There's a train broken down at Egham, with about a dozen trains queued up behind it. None of these trains are proceeding through Egham and on to Reading -- and so therefore there's no prospect of any of them coming back from Reading so that I can ride one of them into London. "delays of up to 50 minutes" on the website translates to no trains west of Egham at all in real life, so I'm not going to see Sparky, and her broadband will remain unsorted.

Sparky is a friend of scarlatti's, and has been since before she moved from Canada to London. Part of tonight was that I was going to be with her when the news from Pathology came through, and that's now not going to happen.

Thank you South West Trains, thank you very much.

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