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What a day.

I hurt all over. I feel like someone's been kicking me vigourously about the shoulders and ribcage. I woke up this morning being quite ill. If the act of being ill hadn't hurt, it would have been amusing. If laughing didn't hurt either, of course.

So first thing, I emailed Blair (Boss B) telling him that I was going to be off sick for the day. I described exactly what my body was doing. Email because I have no idea where my mobile is and I was staying in bed at the time, and the land line is downstairs.

So at about 3pm, I had the police knocking on the door. It seems that Blair had asked Alison to get them to call round because no-one knew what had happened to me and why I hadn't turned up. And I hadn't answered my mobile because I have no idea where it is and Blair knows that I have no idea where it is.

Do these people not communicate? Blair reads my LJ (*waves*), why doesn't he read his email? I thought that's what it was for.

And if anyone knows where my mobile phone is, can you please remind me?

In other news, scarlatti will have moved house by now, and as a result she'll have no phone and no Internet for the time being. She said yesterday that they'll be sorted out in about a week.

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