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It's been mentioned to me that "Blair was out of his mind with worry yesterday , he could not contact [me] & thought something terrible had happened" and that I wasn't being fair when I said what I said last night.

Blair and Alison have more than their fair share of stresses at the moment, and none of us are coping very well with what life is throwing at us.

So an unreserved apology to Blair and Alison, particularly to Blair. I hope that their stresses are resolved with the same success as my friends are wishing for me.

Writing about things helps me to cope with the stress. Sometimes it backfires. Sometimes it's evident later that I'd been overreacting. Sometimes people get hurt, people who don't deserve the flak.

And for all of these things, I'm sorry.

In other news, troosa is now on LJ. I hope that writing about Stuff is helpful.

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