Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A visit from Boss B

Blair is off to Glasgow for the weekend (it being Mother's day).
Because I'm at home today, and my home is at the end of a feeder road for the M4, he was driving almost past the end of my road, and took the opportunity to pop in for a chat this morning.

Nothing sinister. It's just that it's a small company, and I'm the one who knows about routers and mail servers, emphasis in this context being on the word "one". So therefore if I'm going to set aside a large slice of time to spend in the USA, he needs to know in order to make sensible provision to support the clients until my return.

He's very keen that I go out to visit scarlatti in order to get my head together and so on. It looks like I'll be leaving sometime in the few days after Easter, for a week or so, depending on what deals are available for travel.

So that's a plan, then.

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