Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

New Boots

Following the recent meme, promulgated by hawkida, drpete and others, I have bought a pair of new boots and have decided to start breaking them in.
Yesterday morning, I thought to myself "nice quiet day in the office, not much going on, I'll wear the boots".
Then at lunchtime I got a call to go to Birmingham.
I drove a hundred-and-some miles with these boots on, walked up the hill to the client, strode about the client's offices, walked down the hill to the hotel, and took the boots off.
Today I put the boots on, back up the hill to the client's office, and am walking about the place once more.
And I still have happy feet.
So I have to report that the breaking in of the boots, which started a little more comprehensively than I'd anticipated, is going very well.

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