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Too young to smoke

I had the last load of washing before Eastercon going round and round in the machine. It was just coming to the end of the final spin when it gave us a little cloud of white smoke and some funny noises. So now the (not quite dry) washing is taxing the patience of the tumbler, fortunately housed in a separate unit, and I've just been listening to the music being piped to me by the boys and girls at the Hotpoint customer services telephone hotline. I've now talked to someone and he's tapped my information into his little computer and there's an engineer coming here on Thursday morning, the 15th.


I have tomorrow, and then four days at Eastercon, and then a day at home, and then I fly to the USA. So my engineer arrives the day after I fly out. That'll be interesting, then. Fortunately I'll be able to wash some clothes at scarlatti's. Or perhaps I should spend nine days naked?

The Stepson says that he will be on hand to greet the engineer and show him to the offending machine.

For contractual reasons, it's fortunate that the washing machine broke down before 4th October 2006, if it was going to do so at all.

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