Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The very secret diaries of Tobes' housemate, part I

From home to Peterborough there was no traffic at all, but once I had Max and Tobes in the car, the A1 became instantly solid.

Max and Tobes and I talked about cars. His reluctance to employ consonants in everyday speech and the fact that I was watching the road and couldn't lipread made the conversation rather one-sided.

No-one talked about me. Max went to sleep on the back seat.

We arrived at the flat and unloaded and I went to park the car. The car park machines only take coins, not paper or cards, and I was buying four days of parking.

Max and Tobes and I talked about TAFF, and compared the canvassing techniques of James and Anders. No-one talked about me.

We went to the convention, went to the bar, met people, went to the bar, went to panels, went to the bar.

Max and Tobes and I talked about relationships, and specifically everyone else's relationships. No-one talked about me.

Tobes still not gay.

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