Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

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Arrived safely

It's about half past eight UK time, half past three locally, although this won't get posted until I get online at scarlatti's later this afternoon. I'll be posting in the latter time zone for the next week or so.

That nice peteyoung worked his mysterious magic once more and I was moved from seat 31D to 15F, very nice indeed.

I still can't cope with take-offs and landings, it seems. But for as long as the plane was stationary on the ground, or in motion a respectable distance above it, I had a good journey.

And the last piece of email I received before going offline for the flight at 10:26 UK time was a piece entitled "FW: foot long sub". I am assured that this refers to something satisfying with a meat filling, but I suspect I'd do better with some sort of baguette.

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