Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What I did today.

I've spent most of today on my knees. At one point I looked up at scarlatti, and smiled, and said "Are you having fun?", and she replied "I think you and I have different ideas of what constitutes fun."

When we got back from her office, I made a start on her PC upgrade.
Yesterday she'd bought a new PC, P4 2.8GHz, half a gig of RAM and an 80MB HDD.
I took the first disk out of her old machine and ghosted it to the new disk (the DOS version of Norton Ghost 2003 shipped with the new motherboard).
I booted on the new disk and sorted out all the drivers.
I installed the other disk from the old machine.
I installed SP4 for W2K, IE6.0SP1, and all the usual Windows updates.
WinDVD didn't work with the new drive, so I uninstalled it and installed PowerDVD in its place. PowerDVD has a screen capture facility built in, so she's very pleased with that.
She's using the new machine now and claims that it's working well. It hasn't (yet) crashed like the old one kept doing.
Additionally there's a firewall-with-WiFi and a small Ethernet hub between the PC and the cable-modem now, so that we can use the PC and the iMac and the iBook and my laptop all online at once. If someone else turns up they can plug theirs in too.

Oh, and it was while I was on the floor with the PC and a screwdriver that the above conversation about fun took place.

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