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Is it still my birthday?

Back on the 21st September, a fortnight ago today, I got an email from someone.
> Now then. It's your birthday, soon. I know it's after your birthday, but
> can I borrow you for the afternoon and evening of 5th October? How do you
> feel about missing church on 6th?

Now it's a long long time since I was "borrowed" for a night, and I was quite excited by the prospect. What could it mean?
In certain subcultures borrowing is a technical term, and I don't know if that's what this person meant.

And I could look at the calendar and make a guess, but that's all it would be -- a guess.

From my LJ on the same day:
> Oooooh ...
> Feel like I'm nineteen again. Explanation later, or not, as circumstances dictate.

October 5th is today, and so I ought to start the explanation: that way if I'm wrong you can all comment to that effect.
But I won't explain just now. I'll just repeat a song lyric: it explains the title of my post back then.

> And I could say Oo oo oo
> As if everybody knows
> What I’m talking about
> As if everybody here would know
> Exactly what I was talking about

If you find out what community I've cross-posted this to, you'll know what subculture I'm talking about.
The borrowing starts at 2pm today, and ought to last until Sunday.

And if I've misread the situation, I'm sure I'll still enjoy myself.

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