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Fic titles meme

loneraven says "I am doing the title meme, because it's fun. You just take five of your fics and get to be narcisstic about their titles".

I'll do the same.

A Whisper
These were both titles ordained by loneraven as challenges on the [mash-slash] Yahoo! Group. In each case, I used the name of the challenge as the name of the resulting fic. I rather miss the challenges -- she used to post them every Friday. The list is a lot quieter now.

After the War
There's this myth that when people get home after a war, everything returns to normal. Things are just like they were before.
In this little, Hawkeye's father learns how, after the war, nothing can ever be the same again.
War changes things. And people.

And Then There Was One
This one hurt. It's a letter, and it brings news which means that the recipient is on his own. We don't know how the news is received, we can only guess, but the person writing the letter is acutely conscious that the recipient might end up feeling very alone. And nothing either of them can do about it.
The title is a line from an old rhyme, which describes how a once large group of people slowly dwindles as each of them meets their end, and eventually only one is left. The same line in the following verse is "And then there were none".

Winchester's Conversion
This was my first piece of fanfic in this fandom, and my first piece of slash in any fandom.
gamesiplay commented about Mulcahy missing the boat with Hawkeye, not once but twice. The working title for this story was "Two Tries and a Conversion", but I changed it because the joke in the title doesn't work for North American speakers of English. Two Tries and a Conversion is a scoreline in Rugby Football. I was worried about the story because of the way in which Winchester, usually completely self-assured, was behaving in a way which was so completely little-boy-lost and, by contrast, the way in which Mulcahy, usually very diffident, was taking control of the situation and steering it to suit his own ends. Another meaning of the term "conversion." And I'd been assuming that the readership had been aware of the use of the word "conversion" as a technical term in the Christian church -- an assumption which I later admitted was not universally true.
The entirety of the above paragraph appeared in a message on the [mash-slash] list back in September 2002.
This piece of fiction resulted in the first online conversation between scarlatti and me, so it has a lot to answer for.

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