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Self-analysis: Stress

I have to do something about this stress.

scarlatti has passed my name to a publishing company in the USA. She gave them my full name and so on, a couple of other bits of information. She did so on a web form provided for the purpose.

The publishing company's systems then sent me an email. There was a link to a web page, and a name and a password so that I could authenticate to their systems and identify myself as the individual to whom scarlatti had previously referred.
This was an email from an automated system, so it must be closely similar to many many emails sent out all the time by this system.

The email had typos. The link in the email wasn't correct. The instructions accompanying the email were for a link to a different page. This is a publishing company sending a standard email to a member of the public, and it had errors in it. A publishing company, a public document. And it's wrong.

I'm too close to the edge, too much of the time.

I found out what the right web page was, and I authenticated using the name and password provided for the purpose, thereby identifying myself as the individual identified previously by scarlatti. It greeted me using my name, and directed me to another page so that I could furnish them with additional information.
It asked me to confirm my name.
It asked me which country I came from. The list of countries wasn't in alphabetical order, it wasn't in any useful order. Find your country, they said, in this list, numbers 1-100 of 240 (click here for the next 100) which wasn't in the right order. So eventually I found my country in the list.
And they'd got the name of my country wrong.

They'd got the name of my country wrong. They'd got the name of my country wrong. They'd got the name of my country wrong. They'd got the name of my country wrong.

I uploaded a document (previously prepared for the purpose) containing more information about myself.
It ran the text through some sort of natural-language recognition system.
And then it asked me to confirm my name again, a name which it had previously taken from two different sources and asked me about before.
Please confirm that your name, "Mr C U I I", is correct.

I have to do something about this stress.

And then, on the next page, it asked me to confirm a whole bunch of information it had "recognised" out of the document I'd uploaded. A page with very approximately 300 fields, very approximately 294 of which were filled in incorrectly. Two of the others were blank, and two more had the text "COULD NOT DETECT".

I glanced up at the page header.

I still had six pages to go.

I shouldn't react so strongly, so quickly, with so little provocation.

One of the ways to reduce my stress is to find a way for Susan and I to be together. The work I've described above is part of that process. So that was a great help, then.

Perhaps I'll have another go at that page tomorrow.

I have to do something about this stress.

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