Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

ZZ9 Oxford Slouch

simbagirl is the local guide for the ZZ9 Oxford Slouch in a few weeks. She writes that she's unsure what is expected during a slouch and I said that I would ask people to let her know. Perhaps ZZ9ers who are likely to attend could comment, either here or in her LJ?

In MH92 it said:
Saturday 21st August: Oxford Slouch.
Meet at 1pm on the main concourse at Oxford Railway Station. Vicki will show us the main shopping streets, and if the weather's nice we'll try and persuade her to show us the river too. This is the long-heralded "University Slouch" that people were talking about last year, so we might have to look at bits of university while we're there.

That'll get re-written for MH93 to play on the fact that the Cambridge slouch is a fortnight later.

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