Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The nice and accurate tale of a day out

Well, more accurate than this, at least.

I hired a vehicle (see "the truck story", in the previous post) and came back to the apartment to collect scarlatti. We drove to Rips, an offie/deli/restaurant in the depths of Maryland, on Route 301 about a mile south of the intersection with Route 50, where we met molesworth and BB-winolj. Now some of you will have met young Molesworth, will know what sort of person he is. Well, I'd previously described him to scarlatti as a perfect English gentleman, and nothing in his conduct today made that description any less accurate than it had been when I delivered it. We had the "band name" conversation, something he'd previously attempted with pmcmurray and the two fishlifters, our best offering on this occasion being "Full Metal Gusset". We discussed the many and varied differences between Pete'n'Dud and Derek'n'Clive. And, finally, we learnt the true meaning of the abbreviation "B-K-K-B-B-B-K-B-laptop-K-B-B".

Oh, and the food was good too. If you're in the area, eating here would be a wise thing to do. Calamari, crab cakes, crab soup, mushrooms, chicken, all sorts of good things ... fudge sundae, chocolate thing, coconut lemon pie, and mmmmm, cheeeeeeesecake.

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