Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Food porn, specially for scarlatti's mother

scarlatti is currently on the phone to her mother, telling her about some of the things I've been cooking. So this post is for her.

Douglas's hot fruity pork

I used:
- four medium size mid-cut pork loin chops
- orange, strawberry and banana juice
- balsamic vinegar
- brown sugar
- garlic salt
- nutmeg

I took a small glassful of fruit juice, a small sloosh of balsamic vinegar, a very heaped teaspoonful of brown sugar, and about a half teaspoon each of garlic salt and nutmeg. I combined these and poured the result into a shallow dish, in which I marinaded the pork for about four hours, turning it occasionally.

I took a nice hot non-stick frying pan with a little dribble of olive oil, and blasted the chops for a few seconds on each side. I then turned the heat down a little, and let them cook for a bit. After a while, I poured the remaining marinade into the pan, and let it bubble until the meat was cooked, turning them over occasionally. You can gauge how well cooked a chop is by prodding it -- there's progressively less give as it becomes more fully cooked. Additionally, the marinade/sauce was reducing, thickening, carmelising slightly. Going brown, anyway.

Meanwhile, scarlatti was pinging a couple of sweet potatoes and a tin of peas (not in the tin).

All very nice. And well worth a try, if you fancy it. And, if you don't have any of the ingredients listed, then some suitable substitutions are almost certain to work just as well. Enjoy it.

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