Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Recipes: Banana Wanky Pudding and Chocolate Mint Vodka

Ginger Butterscotch and Banana Wanky Pudding

I used about two-thirds of a McVitie's Jamaica Ginger Cake, two bananas, two packets of Butterscotch Whip mix, a pint of milk and a quarter of a pint of double cream.

I cut the cake up into lumps measuring an inch or two on a side, and cut the bananas up into half-inch pieces.
I made up the butterscotch whip with the milk according to the instructions.
I put the cake, the bananas and the butterscotch whip into a suitably-sized bowl.
I then whipped the cream until it was about the same consistency as the whip had been, and smoothed it over the surface.
I decorated the top with spare slices of banana.
And then I left it in the fridge until it was time to put it on the table.

The device I used to whip the pudding and subsequently the cream is called a Tupperware Quick-Shake. It's a plastic container about three inches wide and eight inches or so tall. There's a sort of cartwheel-shaped piece of plastic which fits inside, about two inches below the lid. When you shake it, the fluid passes backwards and forwards through the wheel and the spokes force air into the mixture. The technique is reminiscent of another activity, which lends its name to the title of this dish.

Chocolate Mint Vodka

In the TAFF auction at Eastercon in 2003, I bought a bottle of Russian Vodka.
About six weeks ago, I bought a packet of Mint Matchmakers. They're a kind of chocolate confection -- each Matchmaker is about five inches long, and an eighth of an inch thick. You can get Orange Matchmakers too.
I opened the Vodka and poured myself a small glass.
I dropped about ten Matchmakers into the bottle, and put the lid back on.
I drank the contents of the glass.
I put the bottle into the freezer, and left it there for the next six weeks.

Note that I only drank the glass of Vodka because there wasn't space to put it back in the bottle, because the Matchmakers had displaced the equivalent volume.
Note also that it's not usually safe to put glass bottles in the freezer, because when the water inside freezes it expands and breaks the bottle. Alcohol -- Vodka -- has a rather lower freezing point, and so it doesn't actually freeze. If you have a particularly enthusiastic freezer, you may wish to check the bottle periodically until it gets down to temperature.

Each of these recipes is quite adaptable -- it wouldn't be difficult to work out how to make Battenburg Strawberry and Cherry Wanky Pudding and Brazil Nut Toffee Vodka, for example.

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