Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Short poem

As a fruit of something I said during a brief discussion in comments to a post in S's live journal last night, A said
> Hmm, my fetish just seems lame now!

I didn't want A to feel bad about her kink, so I wrote her a short poem.
Would it benefit from wider readership? Who knows. I'll post it here and see if anyone notices.

The lameness of my fetish life suffuses me with shame:
I wish I'd played a better, wilder, more exotic game.
I heard that someone else's fetish outstripped mine by miles:
It didn't ring my bell, but then we all have different styles.
I'm glad I'm not as weird as all those perverts on the loose:
I'll stick with my own special thing. At least it cooks my goose.

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