Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Keep the Stepson away from the knives ...

When I went to see scarlatti in her new apartment I was at last in a position to cook for her, something which wasn't the case where she lived previously. There were lots of things missing from her kitchen, but the one decent knife she had was a good one. Good enough, at least.

I have a number of knives in my kitchen, but they've all been subjected to the ravages of life with the Stepson. They go blunt, they get nicks on the edge, they get thrown into the drawers where they hit other metal implements ... it's not pretty.

Today, at lunchtime, I bought a new knife. It's a cleaver, the blade and handle all in one piece in stainless steel, with a blade about three inches across and six inches long. It's nice and heavy and well balanced, and the edge is clean and bright and sharp ...

... and the stepson isn't going to get near it.

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