Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Mailing list grumbles.

I'm on a certain fannish mailing list. It's blessed crippled by a TOS which states that nothing is off-topic.

This week it's been all about people accusing each other's mail clients of oddness, arguments about who to trust as a source of authoritative information about global warming, and a plan to create a whack-a-mole game with the faces of various list members painted on the moles. Topics drift for days before anyone thinks of changing a subject line, so that (for example) much of the "your email client is broken" discussion has taken place under the subject line of "Re: Svengate". It's a forum for rehearsing dead arguments between pairs of people who fell out sometime in the 1950s. And, finally, it's been flooded for the last several months (and will be for at least the next three) about the forthcoming presidential election in the USA, a topic which arose before the discussion of the last election died away.

The mailing list is supposed to emulate conversation in a bar. It seems to me that it's time for some of the participants to go home already.

Some of you will recognise the mailing list to which I refer. Feel free to comment hereunder in a manner consistent with membership of the list, in order to give those of my friends who aren't members some flavour of what it's like.

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