Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Horrible diseases

Found in various places ...

You have Rabies

How you get it: Bite of infected animal. Transmitted through saliva.
Incubation period: 21 to 120 days
Early symptoms: Mild depression and anxiety, soreness around bite.
Symptoms at full disease onset: Extreme thirst accompanied by acute fear of water. Constant state of terror and feelings of asphyxiation and claustrophobia.
Final outcome of this horrible disease: You feel as though you're drowning in the thick, confining air around you. Your thirst is unquenchable, but even if it weren't, your acute hydrophobia wouldn't allow you to drink it. Death occurs within a few horrifically bad days due to convulsive seizure accompanied by respiratory failure.

There is nothing you can do now but wait for death to arrive and hope it comes quickly. Make your peace.

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