Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Anchovy allergy?

On Sunday, at the Ben Crouch, I had a caesar salad with chicken.
Now they do a caesar salad with anchovies, which they list as "also available with chicken", but it transpires that the chicken one comes without anchovies.

One of the troubles with the Stepson is that he can't tolerate fish. So that means that if I get a small tin of ancovies, I can only open it when the Stepson is out -- and then I have to eat them all myself. Before he gets in.

He's out tonight.

So I've just had some very hot teeny-tiny new potatoes, anchovies, parmesan, and something that I might as well call caesar dressing. With lots of anchovies.

And now, my nose is itching.

Are allergies catching?

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