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It's that time of year again.

There's all sorts of reasons why I'm stressed at the moment.

I'm wrestling with servers that won't behave, using software which won't behave, for a good client who is paricularly keen to go live very promptly indeed.

I'm wrestling with a diary which gives me insufficient free time, and people outside of work who would like me to commit just that little bit more time to their particular set of activities. ZZ9 looks like winning at the moment -- church life, family, freemasons seem to be missing out. scarlatti misses out more.

I'm wrestling with the LD bit of the LDR that scarlatti and I seem to be in. It's no fun waiting this long between visits, or being this far apart, or being unable to make any progress on sorting out the nuts and bolts of certain facets of the relationship.

Enough with the wrestling already.

But the beginning of September's going to be hard. scarlatti goes into hospital again on Thursday, and I don't like what this does to my mind at the best of times, and the timing on this occasion is ... suboptimal?

If I'm particularly short with any of you, if I seem distracted or withdrawn, if I behave oddly or distantly, if my mood is obviously forced, if I'm out of sorts in any one of a number of ways over the next week and a bit, I apologise in advance.

Normal service later, I hope.

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