Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

We've got the power ... oh, wait ...

Well, there was this beautiful piece of organic beef, and I put it into the slow cooker with great handfuls of carrots and stuff, and turned it on to slow cook. And it was getting nice and hot ... and then the power went out, at not long after 3pm local time, just as scarlatti was leaving her office.

So I met her downstairs, because the lifts were out, and I could get down seven and a half flights of stairs rather more easily than she could get up the same number.

And we sat around in the lobby for a while, watching the receptionist tell people that no, he didn't know when the power was coming back, and neither did the electricity company who were currently working on it. After a while we went back up the street to a coffee shop for a sandwich, and then we came back, and the receptionist was still telling people that no-one knew when power was coming back. We were debating whether to go out to find somewhere for a proper meal, or whether we should attempt all those stairs, or whether we should sit it out in the lobby. And the receptionist was telling people that no, he didn't know when the power would be back. We were just about to head for the stairs and the power came back on, at about half past seven. So we got the lift up to the seventh, and got back into the apartment.

That lovely piece of beef had been sat in the pot being sort-of-warmish for about five hours. Boo.

So we had salmon for tea.

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