Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

What we did last night

Last night, as part of a double-whammy birthday celebration, scarlatti and I went to see the Big Apple Circus, which is playing not far from here. It was the second night at the first venue for their new touring production "Picturesque", and it was really jolly good. Some people I've seen before, including GuiMing Meng ("I've seen him before" -- "What does he do?" -- "He balances a pot on his head") and Yasmine Smart with her horses. Favourite act for me was a hand-balancer from Switzerland called Mei Ling, but scarlatti particularly liked the Kovgar troupe, who did the thing where they jump onto one end of a see-saw and bounce the little guy high into the air and onto a column of catchers. She says that the stilts in that act were particularly impressive.

Cirque du Soleil tomorrow.

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