Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

After which, a caffeine-fuelled frenzy ensued

Last night, as part of the continuing birthday celebrations, we went to Pizzeria Uno, about three blocks south of here. We had a very tasty crab/prawn fondue, an excellent chicken/wild mushroom pizza, and a couple of huge desserts.

All this was well and good.

However, in the course of the evening, scarlatti consumed two large glasses of Mountain Dew, the caffeine equivalent of dropping a not insignificant quantity of acid. The last time she had any non-chocolate-sourced caffeine was many moons ago, and she was comically bouncy. I had sustained my usual background saturation of caffeine and was ready to sleep, especially since we were to get up at 5am the following morning, but it was not to be ...

Girlfriend on unaccustomed quantities of caffeine. Tee hee.

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