Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Birthday presents

My mother (NOLJ) got me a book of popular songs, with scores, dating from throughout the last century. There's a suspicion that this may be used as a resource for Filking.

scarlatti got me a couple of trips to the Circus, and was generally wonderful to me in all sorts of ways during my recent trip. There was a trip to a restaurant too.

hawkida got me, amongst other things, a book of Adult Origami. It looks like I'll be studying this in order to demonstrate a couple of folds at her party next weekend.

flick turned up to the pub and told me that she didn't have my present to hand because she'd not anticipated being there that evening. She could be a fair bit later with my present and still get it to me sooner after my birthday than I got hers to her after hers.

hddod got me a box of blackcurrant Matchmakers, following a conversation in her journal about having found them on sale near her place of work -- I'd previously bemoaned my inability to find orange Matchmakers, which I'd wanted for a variant on my previously posted recipe for Chocolate Mint Vodka.

Memo to self -- when making Chocolate Blackcurrant Vodka, start with the bottle that doesn't have a pepperami in it already.

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