Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The weekend, part one: Friday

Thursday evening before the Tun, I'd popped into a client with a spare hard disk to set off a clone of one of their Domino servers.
Friday morning was at the boss's office, tidying up some final wrinkles with a couple of Exchange servers. It's behaving very well now.
At lunchtime I sloped out and headed to London, to pick up that disk again, full of lovely files, and then pop down to Great Queen Street for a meeting.

Once a year, we have a special meeting when we put a new person in the chair and everyone else moves up one seat and into a new job. We call it "Installation". Because I've already had the top job, I was looking forward to falling off the end of the progression and getting a year as a spectator.

No such luck.

So now, I have a new job in my Lodge -- I'm the Assistant Director of Ceremonies. And I'm likely to have the job for a few years. I won't have any new words to learn, but I'll be doing a lot of running around the meeting making sure that everyone's stood in the right place and facing in the right direction.

Ah well.

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