Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The weekend, part three: Saturday late afternoon and evening, Sunday morning

After the committee meeting, there was a debate about whether James should go to hawkida's party, and both adelheid and I were trying to persuade him to do so.
We bundled him into the car and the three of us set off northwards ... Marlow Bypass, M40, M25, A1. The debate continued.
At the mini-roundabouts under the Nene Park Flyover, I pressed him into a decision -- and then dropped him at the station to make his way on to York, while adelheid and I went on to the party.

The party was in honour of hawkida's birthday, and she'd supplied pizza and assorted nibbles. tobesv had got a cylinder of helium and loads of balloons. And there were copious amounts to drink, supplied from stock and attendees.

Yes, the drink. Ahem. I'd taken along a bottle -- the only bottle in existence -- of my experimental Pepperami Vodka. Some people tasted it. Rather more people sniffed it and then declined a taste. More numerous still, however, were the people who stayed well away whenever the lid was off. I was instructed most firmly that I could take the bottle away with me afterwards. Ah well -- it'll probably end up in a fan-fund auction or something. If the question had been posed, I'm sure many people would have been pleased that it was the only bottle in existence.
I'd taken a bottle of Chocolate Blackcurrant Vodka which was received rather more warmly.

Two of the attendees, whotheheckami and the_mendicant, have been studying reflexology (feet) and Indian massage (head) respectively, and each was keen to practice on a succession of volunteers. I've written about my foot rubs before, and while my discipline (MLD) differs from Mr Who's, I still had some volunteers on which to practise. They seem to think I'm very good.

People at the party totalled sixteen, I think -- hawkida and tobesv, whotheheckami and the_mendicant and their two sons, morfessa, nolley, HH- and LH-fishlifter, Sam and Mark WANOLJ, camies, alexmc, adelheid and myself. If I've forgotten someone, no doubt I'll be told in the comments.

Various people drifted off home, others went to B&Bs, leaving nolley, adelheid and myself to sort out who would be sleeping with whom. I was packed off to the office because I snore, leaving the other two to share the spare room -- I don't remember who ended up on top.

The following morning, after the coffee and the bacon sandwiches, we all helped hawkida and tobesv to clear up. I put adelheid and nolley into the car and drove them down to London, and to St Pancras and King's Cross Thameslink stations respectively. Oddly, the easiest way to get from Peterborough to Nottingham on a Sunday is via London. Strange.

And then home.

There were photos -- but since I haven't done any photo posts since about July, you'll have to wait.

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