Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The weekend, part four: Sunday night, Monday morning

I did some pottering around on Sunday evening, some laundry, that sort of stuff. And then I went to get ready for bed.

And at this point, I realised that I'd left ursinehenry at the party, come home without him. This was not a good thing. There was some discussion about what to do about it, some exchange of messages with hawkida, and she let him wave at me through her webcam.

"He's in the study, on the bookshelf."
"We found him. He was looking at tobesv's knees."

I'm an idiot. I think Henry said as much in his LJ.

This morning I was at a client in London at about twenty past seven. When I'd finished there, not long after nine, I walked round to hawkida's office and met her outside, when she passed Henry over.

Many many thanks to her for looking after him and bringing him down.

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