Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Great Octocon moments, #2

Last night, during the quiz, someone sits at our table -- she introduces herself as Anneli, she runs Anne McCaffrey's website and message board. Conversation ensues, and while we're talking my fingers (on autopilot) take one of the quiz sheets and fold it into a bird. It's one of the more complicated folds, with some fiddly fine detail. Anneli is fascinated -- she admires the model, asks if she can keep it. She puts it into her handbag.
This morning, I'm sat in one of the comfy chairs in the lobby, looking at the membership pack, when Anneli comes along to tell me that Anne McCaffrey loved the fold. She asks me if I'd kindly come over and spend a few moments talking to her. Anne tells me that there's a character in one of her novels who does origami. She asked me how I got started in paper-folding, explained that she'd tried and got nowhere with it.

I didn't get my pocket computer out.

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