Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Poetry Meme -- Red Shift

Everyone's posting poetry. It's my turn now: a little story of photon decoupling, expansion, and cosmic microwave background radiation.

Red Shift, by Paul Field

In the beginning, the universe was smaller than a mustard seed,
And every star and planet was very squashed indeed,
But then said God (an architect and physicist, a chemist and fine artist),
I will not have my Universe contained within this speck.
Let There Be Light.

And light there was,
The brightest flash,
The loudest crack of thunder ever heard
And out (and in) to nothingness,
The universe was poured.
Galaxies, like frisbees thrown, red-shifted into place,
And nebulae, like flowers grown, coloured in the space.
Alpha and Omega rang, the beginning and the end.
The birth, the death, the life, the breath,
The distant Lord, the friend,
Our Father who, in heaven, cared
E equalled m c squared.

The echo of that thunder crack, what scientists called Big Bang,
Can just be heard on quiet nights, still ringing through the years.
Lift up your eyes and strain your ears,
Listen with your soul.
The faintest murmur can be heard
Of God's creative thunder-roll.

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