Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

"This ought to have been an LJ post"

I've asked the editor (hddod) if she has any spare copies of MH, because I've used up all the ones I had at Octocon, and I was hoping to use some more in the next couple of weeks.

In Chat, scarlatti and I, just now ...
dougs: I even gave my own copy away. Goodness me.
scarlatti: You gave away your own copy?
scarlatti: The horror!
dougs: That was the best bit!
dougs: I was on the bus from the airport to the wedding.
dougs: The person in front of me on the bus was talking to the other person in front of me on the bus.
dougs: He was talking about the marketing people from Golgafrincham, talking about the value of the leaf in your pocket and wondering what colour the wheel should be.
dougs: So I leant over, gave him an MH, pointed to the URL on page two, told him to download a membership form.
scarlatti: This ought to have been an LJ post.

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