Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Photo uploads are now up to date.

I've uploaded the final lot of photos. The full set of recent uploads are as follows:

July 17th: Tobes' birthday party
July 24th: One of Flick's housewarming parties
August 21st: ZZ9 Oxford Slouch
September 4th: ZZ9 Cambridge Slouch
October 2nd: ZZ9 Southend Slouch
October 9th: Max's birthday party (new today)
October 14th: James and Angie's wedding (new today)
October 16th/17th: Octocon (new today)
October 30th: Pepper's hallowe'en party (new today)
November 6th/7th: Novacon (new today)

Help with names in captions where I've noted their omission would be appreciated.

If anyone wants larger (1600x1200) versions of these, then give me a shout.

Tags: photos

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