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Today I shall mostly be saying "what?"

This morning I have gone deaf. Not my usual can't-always-catch-what-they-said deafness, but deafness of cartoon proportions, complete, spectacular, siren-ignoring deafness. I didn't know the ambulance was there until it overtook me.
This morning I learnt that the car radio volume control won't go beyond "30". I can tell that it's on because the lining of the car door is vibrating, and pedestrians are raising their eyebrows at me, but I can't make out what the people on the "Today" program are talking about.
This morning I am in the office, and David who is in the office with me but the other side of a partition has just been describing to me something his computer was doing and I didn't even know he was speaking until he came round the partition and nudged me.

This, for me, is the usual precursor to getting a cold of some sort.

Monday and Tuesday I was at a client site in Cheltenham, sorting out server-side issues arising from the storm and powercut. My contact on-site, Jo, had a filthy cold.

I emailed Jo and asked her about the progress of her cold. If it's the same one, it should have come and gone in 48 hours. I hope so.

If not, I'll be seeing lots of people on Friday but hearing nobody.

I'm considering telling people that today I'm doing telephone support by email only.

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