Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Are my systems okay?

Nagios (formerly NetSaint) is a wonderful thing. It tells you whether all your systems are working. It'll let you know if your SMTP server is up, whether the DHCP service is running, whether or not there's a route to your MySQL server. You can get this machine to instruct that machine to check if services are up on the other machine.
It'll collect all this information from all your various sites and collate it, and forward it to your central monitoring machine.

Nagios. It's great.

However, the configuration files are bleedin' 'orrible. They're large, and they're tatty. They're fiddly. They live in several places, on various hosts. They're easy to get wrong. If you don't like Nagios-text, there's a Nagios-MySQL, but the config files are just as nasty.

Nagios. It's horrible.

Take heart, though. There are some cunning front-ends to help you configure your Nagios! Dance for joy, set off a download for tools like Nagat or NagMin. Put the kettle on. Put your feet up. Your work is half-done.
Ah, but without exception, all the nice front-ends for Nagios are crap. They can't do the job properly, they get the files wrong, they break your existing configuration, and the cunning things that you've learnt do by editing those nasty files aren't possible through the front-end. And they don't work properly with your chosen version of Nagios.
So it's back to the config files. Boo. Horrible config files.

Nagios. It's great.
Nagios. It's horrible.

Nagios. It's horrible. But it's not as crap as the various front-ends on offer.

Links: Nagios - NagMin - NagAT - NagiosWeb - NaWUI
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